Chevy Crespo

Is a talented and experienced Ecuadorian climber, who has nurtured his love for climbing hills and mountains since he was a child. Born in Quito-Ecuador in 1988, he had a natural love for climbing the mountains that stood majestically all around him. By the time he was 13, he was dedicating a substantial amount of time to his training in rock climbing, and juggling studies alongside. In fact, he had already represented his city in multiple prestigious events. For 3 consecutive years, he was the national champion in the modality of difficulty (lead), boulder and speed. It was his talent and sheer dedication that brought him the opportunity to represent his country, Ecuador, in prestigious events like World Climbing Championship in Germany, World Championship in Pekin, China, SCS Adult Nationals Championship in Miami, United States, and many more.

Chevy Crespo completed his studies from the University of Navarra, Spain and went to Chile to learn the construction of climbing walls. He has successfully built many such walls across South America and is in fact, the first Ecuadorian to complete an 8c. However, in his own country, the sport remains in relative obscurity. In large part, it was because of the difficult terrain and low temperatures in Ecuador. So, being the pioneer that he is, Chevy Crespo started a centre for amateur climbers to discover their passion and for fitness enthusiasts to offer them an innovative way to break their routine.

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